January 25, 2024

SeaPRwire Deploys AI Solutions to Strengthen Corporate Communications and Media Presence in Asia

By ellen

Singapore – SeaPRwire, Asia’s leading press release distribution and media monitoring platform, has integrated pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to revolutionize public relations and strategic communications for brands across key Asian markets.

SeaPRwire’s newly enhanced Branding-Insight Platform features proprietary AI solutions to streamline media targeting, quantify PR effectiveness, and strengthen corporate influence as never before. This empowers marketing and communications teams based in Asia to execute highly strategic, data-driven media outreach and publicity campaigns.

“AI is the next frontier for public relations technology and we’re thrilled to deploy these futuristic solutions to propel our clients’ communications forward in Asia,” commented James Scott, Chief Strategy Officer at SeaPRwire. “Our adaptive targeting, precision analytics, and automated workflows powered by AI deliver unprecedented strategic advantage to brands seeking to stand out from the noise and drive real business impact through PR.”

SeaPRwire’s suite of AI and automation capabilities includes:

  • Hyper-Precise Media Targeting: An AI engine processes signals from over 950,000 journalists, editors, outlets, and KOLs to identify, with up to 76% accuracy, the most relevant media contacts based on client priorities. This enables highly personalized and effective press release targeting.
  • Automated Multilingual Translation: SeaPRwire’s Natural Language Generation technology accurately translates press releases into 12+ major APAC languages at the click of a button. This facilitates media coverage and market penetration across linguistic barriers.
  • Predictive Performance Analytics: Sophisticated machine learning algorithms assess past performance trends to forecast press release visibility outcomes. The predictive insights optimize distribution for up to 59% higher pick up rates.
  • Personalized Impact Analysis: Powerful attribution modeling quantifies the business impact of earned media coverage linking PR efforts to website traffic, lead generation and revenue growth. This empowers optimal resource allocation.

Since adopting SeaPRwire’s integrated AI solutions, multiple large enterprises have seen significant communications success indicators including:

● Average media pick up rate improved by 73%

● Monthly site traffic from press releases increased 51%

● Publicity assisted lead conversion rates rose 37%

● Predictive analytics models have 83% accuracy

“Leveraging SeaPRwire’s AI-powered press release platform has been a game changer,” explained Alicia Chang, Communications Director at a prominent Asian tech unicorn using their solutions. “The data-driven publicity strategies amplified our messages and provided actionable insights that informed messaging, budget decisions and more.”

To learn more about SeaPRwire’s artificial intelligence offerings for strategic communications in Asian markets, please visit www.SeaPRwire.com.

About SeaPRwire

SeaPRwire (https://www.SeaPRwire.com/) is a leading global provider of wire distribution services to media relations and marketing communications professionals. SeaPRwire’s platform allows clients to identify key factors of their press releases and measure meaningful impact. It has a strong media network in Southeast Asia, indexing news from thousands of worldwide sources. SeaPRwire’s media network support multi-lingual press release distribution, including English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Filipino and more. SeaPRwire provides real time press release distribution for companies and organizations to 6,500+ media outlets & 3.5 million professional desktops in 90 regions. It distributes press releases in different languages, including: IndonesiaFolk, IndoNewswire, SEATribune, IDNewsZone, LiveBerita, DailyBerita, TaiwanPR, SinchewBusiness, AsiaEase, BuzzHongKong, SingapuraNow, TIHongKong, TaipeiCool, TWZip, AsiaFeatured, dePresseNow, THNewson, KULPR, VNFeatured, MENAEntry, HunaTimes, DubaiLite, ArabicDirBeritaDaring, TekanAsia, JamKopi …

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