July 22, 2022

Your guide to The Straits Times’ podcasts

By brit

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Listen to fresh episodes on regular days of the week and email the podcast team feedback or PR pitches at: podcast@sph.com.sg

Asian Insider (Mondays to Fridays)

Every weekday, get our distinct take on global issues with an Asian perspective, with ST’s 30-plus correspondents in 15 cities across the Asia-Pacific, the US and Europe.

Follow Asian Insider Podcast series:
Channel: https://str.sg/JWa7
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/JWa8
Google Podcasts: https://str.sg/wQsB 
Spotify: https://str.sg/JWaX

Green Pulse (1st & 3rd Mondays of the month)

The Straits Times’ science and environment correspondent Audrey Tan and climate editor David Fogarty, analyse the beat of the changing environment, from biodiversity conservation to climate change.

Follow Green Pulse Podcast series:
Channel: https://str.sg/JWaf
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/JWaY
Spotify: https://str.sg/JWag
Google Podcasts: https://str.sg/J6EV

Your Money & Career (1st & 3rd Mondays of the month)

The Straits Times business editors, correspondents and expert guests give tips on working smarter, getting ahead in your career and investing like a pro.

Follow Your Money & Career channel:
Channel: https://str.sg/wB2m
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/wuN3
Spotify: https://str.sg/wBr9

Health Check (1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month)

The Straits Times’ senior health correspondent Joyce Teo chats with expert guests to help you make sense of health matters that affect you.

Follow Health Check Podcast series:
Channel: https://str.sg/JWaN
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/JWRX
Spotify: https://str.sg/JWaQ
Google Podcasts: https://str.sg/J6Wv

In Your Opinion (2nd & 4th Fridays of the month)

The Straits Times’ opinion editor Grace Ho takes a hard look at political and social issues of the day with her expert guests.

Follow In Your Opinion Podcast series:
Channel: https://str.sg/w7Qt
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/wukb
Spotify: https://str.sg/w7sV

SG Extra Podcast (every Tuesday)

The Straits Times analyses Singapore’s latest news and announcements in this weekly podcast. 

Follow SG Extra Podcast series:
Channel: https://str.sg/JWVR

The Big Story Podcast (weekly)

Features audio versions of news analyses in The Straits Times’ video series – The Big Story.

Follow The Big Story: 
Channel: https://str.sg/wuZe
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/wu3m
Spotify: https://str.sg/wuJr
Google Podcasts: https://str.sg/wE7t

ST Sports Talk (2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month)

The Straits Times tackles Singapore’s national sports talking points.

Follow ST Sports Talk Podcast series:
Channel: https://str.sg/JWRE
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/JWRa
Spotify: https://str.sg/JW6N
Google Podcasts: https://str.sg/JX88

#PopVultures (twice a month)

The Straits Times’ Jan Lee examines the ins and outs of pop culture in the Asian entertainment and Hollywood industries.

Follow #PopVultures Podcast series:
Channel: https://str.sg/JWad
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/JWaA
Spotify: https://str.sg/JWaP 
Google Podcasts: https://str.sg/Ju47

Lunch With Sumiko (twice a month)

Fortnightly on Sundays, The Straits Times’ executive editor Sumiko Tan gets up close with newsmakers over lunch – and a selfie.

Follow Lunch With Sumiko Podcast series:
Channel: https://str.sg/J6hQ
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/J6hM
Spotify: https://str.sg/J6hA
Google Podcasts: https://str.sg/J6hd

Bookmark This! (monthly)

A literary podcast by The Straits Times’ Olivia Ho and Toh Wen Li, featuring titles in the headlines and sizzling reads.

Follow Bookmark This! Podcast series:
Channel: https://str.sg/JWas
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/JWae
Spotify: https://str.sg/JWan

The Straits Times Podcasts (showcase channel)

Follow us here:
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/wukK
Spotify: https://str.sg/wukH
Google podcasts: https://str.sg/wukr

Special Edition series

Singapore’s War On Covid

Synopsis: On till August 2022, this podcast series is based on selected chapters from a book, detailing Singapore’s experience battling the Covid-19 pandemic. The book – written by journalists of The Straits Times and edited by ST’s executive editor Sumiko Tan – is titled.. In This Together: Singapore’s Covid-19 Story and is available in major bookstores now. Details online at stbooks.sg

Follow Singapore’s War On Covid:
Channel: https://str.sg/wuJa
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/wu3n
Spotify: https://str.sg/wuJy

The Unsolved Mysteries of South-east Asia

Synopsis: In this special series, The Straits Times dives into some of the greatest unsolved mysteries in South-east Asia, and examines the underlying issues that they exposed.

Follow Unsolved Mysteries Of South-east Asia:
Channel: https://str.sg/wuZ2
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/wu3W
Spotify: https://str.sg/wuJ9
Google Podcasts: https://str.sg/wE7i

Stop Scams

Synopsis: The Straits Times aims to raise greater public awareness of the modern scourge of scams in Singapore and globally.

Follow Stop Scams:
Channel: https://str.sg/wuZB
Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/wu3e
Spotify: https://str.sg/wuJj
Google Podcasts: https://str.sg/wE7S


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