July 29, 2022

Will S’pore see a surge in Covid-19 deaths? | Are watches and wine a good investment amid inflation?

By brit

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Some countries around the world, including Singapore, have seen a recent uptick in Covid-19 cases due to the spread of new Omicron sub-variants.

New Zealand, which had done well in curbing Covid-19 infections over the past two years, has seen a surge in deaths in recent months. Given the similarities between New Zealand and Singapore, might this happen here too?

A persistent cough is one of the common complaints among people who have recovered from Covid-19. Doctors give their advice on how to manage a lingering cough. Dietitians also offer some suggestions on what to eat – and what not to – to help in the recovery process.

With inflation still going up, the stock market volatile and mortgage rates expected to rise further, is it a good idea to put some money into alternative investments like Rolex watches (from reliable sources), wine or NFTs? 

Time to look at collectibles amid inflation?