July 15, 2022

Sustainable shopping: How this mall wants to help save the planet with you

By brit

In recent years, terms like “fast fashion” and “overconsumption” have seeped into modern society’s consciousness, giving shopping a bad rap. Raffles City is changing that, one eco step at a time.

Through the Project Green campaign–a series of sustainability initiatives involving retail, hospitality and corporate stakeholders–Raffles City Singapore is revolutionising its retail experience for the better. 

By providing our retailers, office tenants and hotels a suitable platform via Project Green to expand on their green offerings, Raffles City aspires to make a bigger impact to inculcate sustainable living in the daily lives of our shoppers and stakeholders, and to adopt an eco-conscious attitude to make a positive impact on our planet together,” says general manager of Raffles City Singapore, Steve Ng.