July 18, 2022

ST HeadSTart: How S’pore’s public service does flexi-work | Saving money in spite of inflation

By brit

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Good morning! This week, I’m excited to share some of my colleagues’ stories on flexi-work arrangements in the public sector, money-saving tips to cope with inflation, as well as managing your work-life boundaries.

While private sector companies are often viewed to be the trailblazers when it comes to adopting new workplace processes, Singapore’s public service is taking the lead in adopting new flexible work arrangements. For example, staff at the Auditor-General’s Office can work from home up to twice a week.

Higher transport and food prices, along with other rising costs, are taking a toll on everyone’s wallets. Journalist Jessie Lim shares some crowd-sourced tips to cut down on your expenses, including her method of choice – taking fewer private-hire rides.

Working from home means that the separation between work and personal life can be less clear-cut. In this week’s edition of askST Jobs, manpower correspondent Calvin Yang looks into how to cope with this.

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