July 25, 2022

ST HeadSTart: How do I ask my boss for a pay raise?

By brit

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Good morning! This week, let’s take a look at one of the trickiest questions to raise at work: How do you ask your boss for a better pay? 

Manpower correspondent Calvin Yang, in this latest edition of askST Jobs, outlines several key factors that employees should consider before knocking on their bosses’ doors, such as doing your homework to support your case for better compensation. 

This nifty salary guide put together by my colleagues, which includes information on in-demand skills, may also come in handy. 

It’s been close to two months since companies in Britain embarked on a four-day work week trial. Senior correspondent Krist Boo portrays a scenario on how employees could attempt to win over their managers about adopting a shorter work week in her latest Work/Life column.

Do you think a four-day week would work for your organisation? Tell us why at headstart@sph.com.sg 

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