July 11, 2022

ST HeadSTart: Fewer S’poreans took up schemes to switch careers last year | How to build a good investment pot

By brit

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This week, I’m thrilled to share stories on Singaporeans moving into in-demand careers, growing your money and why bosses should get ready to embrace flexi-work guidelines.

Since the pandemic started, over 18,660 mid-career workers in Singapore have taken up programmes to convert skills and change fields, with half of them aged 40 and above. But making such a change comes with a steep learning curve, admits one Singaporean who went through the programme to become a preschool teacher.

If you have a home loan to worry about, Invest editor Tan Ooi Boon has some money tips in the face of rising mortgage interest rates. For one, it is still better to use more cash than your Central Provident Fund (CPF), even when loans are getting more expensive.

High-profile layoffs at technology and cryptocurrency firms here have left some feeling rattled. What can you do if you hear of a retrenchment exercise coming soon? Do not jump to conclusions, says one recruiter. Speculation could make it look like you are a “problem employee”.