August 4, 2022

S’porean on trial for murder in UK knelt on wife as he smothered her, pathology report suggests

By brit

NEWCASTLE – Fong Soong Hert is likely to have knelt on his wife to restrain her, when he smothered her to death with a pillow last year, Newcastle Crown Court heard on Wednesday (Aug 3).

A pathologist explained that pressure on the front of Madam Pek Ying Ling’s shoulders caused large areas of bruising and small burst blood vessels to appear shortly before she died.

Singaporean Fong, 51, also known as Allan, is on trial for murder following the death of Madam Pek, also 51 and known to family and friends as Evelyn, at County Aparthotel on Dec 5, 2021.

The eldest of their three sons, Alonzo Fong, who is studying in the city, alerted police to the incident after he got a phone call from his father saying he thought he had killed his mother.

Officers found Madam Pek’s lifeless body on the bed of the hotel room the couple had shared during their four-day trip to the city. A pillow was covering her face and her arms were outstretched. An emergency medical team attempted resuscitation but she was pronounced dead soon afterwards.

The trial began on Monday with Fong pleading not guilty to murder.

Home Office pathologist Dr Jennifer Bolton, who conducted the post mortem on Madam Pek, was the first to answer prosecutor Peter Makepeace QC’s questions on Wednesday morning.

Dr Bolton explained that she carried out the post mortem close to 5pm the evening of the death. During the external examination, she found a series of petechial haemorrhages, seen as small red dots, on Pek’s forehead, eyelids, lower-right eyeball and in her mouth.

That type of haemorrhage is caused by the person’s blood pressure getting too high, and tiny blood vessels under the skin bursting, the pathologist told the court. There were also 11 bruises of varying sizes and colours on the victim’s chin, shoulders, arms, and left ankle.