March 14, 2021

Seeking career coaching early can shorten your job search

By ellen

SINGAPORE – A Workforce Singapore career coach says:

Career coaching is a multi-step process that involves a series of sessions to help you understand your needs and chart your journey towards achieving your career goals.

A coach can help you spot gaps in your skills or job search techniques, as well as challenges you may be facing, such as emotional barriers, limited networks or a lack of confidence about adapting to new work conditions.

The process will help you to identify and connect your values, interests, personality and skills, and find jobs that can bring you career fulfilment. It also guides you in planning for career transitions in this ever-changing economy.

By reaching out earlier in your job search, you can kick-start this process sooner and possibly shorten your job search.

It does not matter which career stage you are in. Job seekers who approach Careers Connect or any of Workforce Singapore’s 31 touchpoints around the island are from all walks of life and in different phases of their career – fresh graduates, mid-career switchers, those who were retrenched or are at risk of being retrenched and those who are employed but want to plan their career further.

The job search is not an easy process, especially during a time of economic uncertainty. It can be frustrating and emotionally draining. There are times when you may become distressed when your job search takes longer than expected.

Beyond just job search coaching, a career coach will give you the benefit of a listening ear, and be a sounding board, a cheerleader and a pacer – someone who helps you manage any negative emotions so that they do not affect your confidence, and ensures you are right on track to attaining your career goals.

Keep in mind that for coaching to be effective, it has to be a collaborative relationship between the career coach and you. Together, the two can co-create a customised action plan that can address roadblocks more effectively.

While the career coach will guide you and provide you with the resources to make an informed decision, the ultimate choice lies with you. It is important to keep an open mind during the coaching process. Understand that you are not a recipient, but an active participant working with your coach to achieve your goals.